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We are a small homestead on the island of Maui. Growing from a love of nature, quirky animals, and a desire to be resilient, our passion is to learn from nature and from one another. After a slow start over five years ago, our Kune Kune pig breeding efforts have come to fruition, and we are so excited to introduce such an amazing breed of pigs to the Hawaiian islands.  The Kune Kune is truly an “Island Pig” and an ideal livestock animal for family farms and homesteads.

Through our experiences and dreams we are forging a path of New Homestead Living, in which we weave modern ideas with valued tradition to create a lifestyle that supports our connection to nature and the human need to connect with each other.  Through cultivating our own food, preparing wholesome meals, unleashing creative expression, embracing dynamic movement, and holding compassionate awareness, we all can tap into the New Homestead Living movement, regardless of where you live.  We invite you to get in touch and let us know what interests you!

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