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Whatʻs up with These Pigs?


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We breed quality Kune Kune pigs in the State of Hawaii. Originally from New Zealand, the Kune Kune breed is a delightful homestead hog. Their easy going demeanor makes them a pleasure to keep, and their eagerness to graze makes them functional additions to most any farm.




Kune kune pigs were kept and bred by the Maori communities in New Zealand. Kune kune is said to mean fat and round in Maori, and the pigs were generally let to roam free around the village. This is believed to have given them their docile and easy-going nature. The exact origin of the kune kune remains a mystery, but there are many different theories as to how they arrived in New Zealand. Some of these theories include arrival by canoe when the Maori first inhabited New Zealand, or later from Tahiti, also, arrival by ship from Spain, France, Asia, or with Captain Cook is a well-known hypothesis, and yet others believe that kune kune pigs were brought to New Zealand by Norfolk Islanders.

Following the steady arrival of European settlers in New Zealand in the late 1700’s, the kune kune population began to plummet.


“Many of the Maori tribes that had before relied on the pigs for meat and fat were turning to European ways of feeding themselves instead, and the kune population subsequently decreased. Until recently the few remaining specimens lived on small farms in Te Kuiti and the Waharoa district in Northland. Luckily for the breed, in the early 1980’s Michael Willis and John Simister, two wildlife park owners, realized the serious danger of extinction the Kune population faced. As there were only about fifty purebred pigs left in the country, the breeders searched the country for kune kunes, buying ten sows and four boars off various breeders and farmers and brought the pigs to live in the South Island to breed. In the north attempts were also being made to help the kune kune population, and specimens of the pig were kept at the Hilldale Game Farm in Hamilton. The offspring of these breeders’ pigs were given to other breeders so as to ensure the pigs’ safety. Spreading the pigs through the country, and later on, the world, helped keep up numbers and lowered the risk of extinction of the species through disease or disaster.”

–The New Zealand Kunekune Association


In 1992 the first kune kune pigs where imported into England. They were introduced to the United States in 2005, and recently to France. We brought our first kune kune pig to Maui in 2009.

Our pigs are really special.  Come, get to know them.

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