Farm and Garden,  Hello Readers

To Our Awesome Customers and Supporters

Aloha! We just wanted to give a shout out to our amazing customers and supporters and to provide an update on where things are headed here at Skywater.  After over ten years of raising and breeding Kunekune pigs, we are hanging up the towel and switching gears. We’ve enjoyed bringing superior Kunekune genetics to Maui, seeing the many offspring from our original herd, and to our amazement, the litters of Kunekune pigs expanding across the Island. Kunekune’s are a truly versatile livestock animal. Our appreciation for this breed has only grown over the years, and we are pleased that so many others see the greatness of these pasture pigs as well.

Over the last years we have seen a decline in our boar’s fertility and breeding prowess, as well as the viability of our sows.  We decided to raise a young boar to replace our original and to carry on the Kunekune genes, however, he has proven to be less than viable as a sire, and the result has been a dry spell in litters.  This has provided us with a period of reflection and contemplation regarding how to proceed. Through this we have come to the decision that reinvesting in new breeding stock is not our best option at this time, so we are switching gears.

This has been a transition period for sure.

Our focus has turned to the production of herbs, wildcrafted wood products, and ornamental ferns, and the response has been encouraging!  We’re also getting excited about our new livestock plans. So stay tuned to hear more about that!

We are starting out small and getting things going from scratch, but we will have more to offer in the years to come as we increase our growing capacity, better understand our new markets, and especially as our young plants mature.  And we want to hear from you, our awesome customers and supporters!  What kinds of medicinal herbs do you have a hard time finding fresh on Maui?  How would you like to use stag-horn, laua’e, and other ferns in your landscaping, home decorating, and garden projects?  Send us a note at if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share with us about this.  We look forward to hearing from you!

This an exciting time indeed.  Although we are saying goodbye to our original Kunekune vision, we’ve actually seen that vision grow and bloom.  We can look back with amazement at how far we’ve come, and now turn our focus and attention towards our next Skywater adventure.  Thank you so much for your support over the years and for sharing your enthusiasm for Kunekune pigs with us.