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As The World Turns…Let’s Prepare – SKYWATER FARM
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As The World Turns…Let’s Prepare


The Earth is always turning (thank goodness), and the tilting of the Earth and the change of seasons here in Hawaii are a welcome respite from the hot and humid summer we’ve been having. As the trade winds begin to carry more rain and the nights start to cool, we can really see and feel the shift into fall upon us.

Our pigs did just fine with the summer heat. In between munching on weeds and grass, they found spots to flop down and nap away the day. And even though they are covered in delightfully colorful and full coats, they have proven to be very tolerant of our tropical summer conditions, which makes sense, after all, they are Polynesian Pigs!

Over the years we’ve noticed how Nature prepares for the seasons ahead, and below we will share some tips on preparing our animals for the transition out of summer into fall. But first, weʻd like to feature two of our Kunekune pigs in the Piggie Spotlight!


**Piggie Spotlight**

In the spotlight today is “Snowy”. He is super sweet and absolutely perfect for a small family farm, rural estate, or homestead.

Snowy is an all white male with the mellowest disposition. He is a weed eating machine.  He is very independent but melts with affection, and he is extremely easy to handle. Here is a compilation video showing both his loving side and his weed eating prowess.


We would really love to match Snowy up with great people that will enjoy having them as companion pigs on their rural estate, homestead, or family farm. Give us a call at 808.870.7900 or email us at info@skywaterfarm.com.


Piggies and Pets Prepare

As the nights turn cooler and summer begins slipping into the past, people and their pets can sense the shift into the fall and winter seasons upon us. As people pull out their sweaters, some of our pets begin to grow a thicker coat. Yet, even with the chill in the evening air, the days can be hot and sticky. It sure can be confusing for a body!

Here are some tips for keeping your animals comfortable during this seasonal shift (some even apply to us people!):

  • Provide fresh clean water. Yes, this is a given, however, as things start to cool down, there are less daylight hours in the day, and there is rain water on the grass, it can be easy to overlook this very basic need our animals have regardless of the season.
  • Check animal housing for holes or gaps where chilly winds and rain can make their way in. Often our animals sleep outside under the stars in the summer, but as the temperatures drop and stormy weather approaches, theyʻll seek shelter in their houses, and we want them to be warm and dry.
  • Trim hooves and nails. Things can get muddy at times in the fall, and although we aren’t allergic to mud, it is nice to trim a clean hoof or paw as opposed to a dirt laden one.
  • Check for fleas. Yes, the dreaded flea. This time of year is when they often like to make one last bloom that can be downright irritating. If you see fleas on your pets a good bath in a tea tree oil shampoo can help repel them. I love a product from Kauai called Green Max Pro. It works exceptionally well and is all natural and non-toxic. You can also spray cedar oil directly on your pets as well as the yard to kill fleas and other insects. If your pets have dirt holes under the porch or house or next to the tool shed, these can harbor fleas and can be dusted with diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is also natural and non-toxic but read the label before using, follow the instructions, and wear a dust mask and gloves. You can find this at most hardware or feed stores. Safer brand makes one that comes in a convenient size. Just donʻt get the diatomaceous earth for pools, you donʻt want to use that!
  • Give a little extra love. Sometimes as the weather shifts and we spend more time indoors, our outdoor pets may be missing us. Make a point of spending a little time with them and giving them the people love they so desire. Feeding time is a convenient opportunity, of course they may be distracted and unable to fully savor the loving attention.

Well, thanks for spending this time with us.  Enjoy this approach to cooler, wetter weather, and a happy Fall to you and yours!