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As The World Turns…Pets Prepare

The Earth is always turning (thank goodness), and the tilting of the Earth and the change of seasons here in Hawaii are a welcome respite from the hot and humid summer we’ve been having. As the trade winds begin to carry more rain and the nights start to cool, we can really see and feel […]

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I Blamed The Chickens…Again.

I take pleasure in keeping our lovely hens and enjoying their farm fresh eggs, but, hidden beneath their smooth and silky feathers, these ladies have a free winging, independent streak that can be down right maddening. The most recent bout of “chicken madness” was brought on by one of our most productive layers. She’s a poi […]

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  Today’s Moon is KĀNE. According to the Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club Moon Calendar for 2014, September 20th has a KĀNE moon. The KĀNE moon is an “Excellent day to plant anything. In the old days this night was reserved for ceremony and ritual and no farming or fishing occurred.” According to the Biodynamic […]


We had fun putting together these videos of our farm and pigs.  Press play, sit back, watch, enjoy.

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Recipes For Busy Folks

If you’re anything like us, you have a lot going on, and you can’t always commit your genius to planning and prepping exquisite meals, or even complex healthy dishes. This may lead to the quick and easy carryout meal at the end of the day, or digging through the freezer for some convenience food to fill the rumbling bellies […]

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Fireworks and Pets – SWF Newsletter #1

The 4th of July bursts with celebration. We all know the days are hot and long, and when that sun goes down, everyone is geared up to see the sparks fly…everyone but our pets that is. Our feline, equine, canine, porcine (you get the picture) friends start to shake and startle with the first snappers […]

Eggs+Kids+Dirt = A Planting Party!

Featuring mini-egg-pots!  Follow the easy steps below to get this planting party going: Crack your eggs – When we cracked ours we did our best to create two even halves. Rinse the halves Mix your favorite potting soil with a little bit of water.  Too much water will make the mix overly dense for your seeds. […]


Upcountry Fair

What a whirlwind weekend!  We got to connect with so many great people.  An experience of sharing, learning, celebrating, and getting in touch with others in our unique community.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by!!

New Kune Kune Maui promotional video.

We hope you like it!